Air cargo consolidation in Chennai – Shipper’s delight

Air cargo consolidation in Chennai – Shipper’s delight

Air cargo consolidation in Chennai – Shipper’s delight

Among the many entities that support the extension of startups and small manufacturing units are air cargo consolidation in Chennai. These manufacturers are encouraged by their own online stores to find customers across the globe. But the real challenge lies in maintaining the authenticity of their supply chain and promptly delivering the goods.

Air cargo export is a boon to these budding entrepreneurs who grasp the opportunity to make the best of it. Air cargo is no more expensive, thanks to the concept of sharing the shipment with many other traders who are heading the same way.

Scheduling Air cargo consolidation in Chennai

Air cargo consolidation in Chennai enables shippers to book consignments under a single master way bill which forwarders term as a consol. Such air consolidation is a congregation of single shippers’ individual house airway bills or house bills. Such air cargo consolidation in India usually is slated on weekends. If the shipment is expected to be larger, the air consolidation is scheduled in the middle of the week and such air cargo export is termed as midweek consol.

Deciding factors of air cargo consolidation in Chennai

However, if the shipment is urgent and must be delivered in a timeframe or if it is a part of a production line, then it is transported in a direct airway bill. The freight information includes a total number of pieces, packaging type, external dimensions, the party paying for the freight and the freight forwarder involved, customs formalities such as exports declaration, and the shipper’s letter of instruction.

Each forwarder under the air consolidation has an own way of numbering and there is no international standard regarding this. The first three numbers denote the airline while the last digit is the check digit.

Cost effective air consolidation

Air cargo export becomes cost effective when it is a part of the freight consolidation. While saving business money through air cargo consolidation in India. Frequent small purchase orders are benefited by this system and both the retailers and the supply chain flourish automatically.

The expenses that are thus avoided include those spent for storage sites, inventory management facilities and exclusive vehicles.

Other benefits of air consolidation

Air freight consolidation minimizes risks since they are handled by experienced shippers with fewer transfers. With fewer trucks risks of accidents are mitigated and reliability is enhanced.

Air cargo consolidation enables control over due date, production schedules and distribution chain which in turn is handled independently or with a logistics partner. The quality control measures are intact and the consistency of the supply chain is intact.

The relationships with both the customers and the carriers are established positively. The customers are happy to receive their ordered goods intact and in time besides paying a lesser cost for purchase. Consistent relations with carriers enable better pricing options in future.

Finally with the improved flexibility and management, it makes the process cheaper and more efficient and brings profits for everyone involved. With excellent freight pooling an eco-friendly freight is also made accessible through the air consolidation venture.