Air freight in India – A bid to improve fluency

Air freight in India – A bid to improve fluency

Air freight in India – A bid to improve fluency

Air freight in India is expanding its reach both in local and global levels with highly experienced staff who provide excellent services with top class facilities. A better experience is provided for the shipper with advanced cargo activities such as Logistics Management System (LMS) and Cargo Sales and Operational purpose, which are both at the customers’ disposal round the clock.

The air freight process through LMS provides accurate real time information about booking, acceptance and handling of the consignments besides that of carriage and delivery to the consignees.

Calculating prices for air freight in India

Shipping for air freight in India is calculated by factors like weight and volume and is decided based on which of the two is more expensive. The rates for air freight process include fuel and security surcharges, container freight station and terminal handling charges and charges for airport transfers. Apart from these, other entities like customs brokerage, pickup and delivery, cargo insurance and accessorial charges are also part of the air freight service bill.

Benefits of air freight in India

Air freight in India is faster and more reliable than other freight modes besides being reliable and safe. The goods that are generally transported through air freight process include electronics, apparel, pharmaceuticals, documents, samples and seasonal shipments.

Air freight in India: Method of operation

The air freight service has a set of processes to be fulfilled as part of its execution. A trustworthy shipping partner is sought to transport the goods to the destination point. After furnishing required information the shipping company picks the goods and takes it to the warehouse.

Security and quality checks are made to confirm the physical state of the package and its eligibility to be a part of the cargo. The package is labelled and this acts as a legal agreement between concerned parties and customs clearance is obtained from airport of origin.

At the destination airport another customs clearance is obtained after which it is delivered to the customer.

Air freight in Chennai is gaining momentum after the boom in e-commerce and emergence of new small manufacturers. Low insurance premium, lesser risks of theft and damage and less need for warehousing have made air freight service more sought after forwarding choices.

Types of air freight in Chennai and in India

Air freight in Chennai could be express, standard, deferred or charter. The fastest and expensive air cargo that is scheduled for overnight delivery and premium costs is express cargo. The shipment which makes a couple of stopovers for loading and unloading is the normal or standard air freight. In the deferred air freight, the shipments that are of lesser priority can wait till space is available and this is due to longer transit and comprise multiple stops. The chartered flight allows a specific amount of cargo to fly immediately, but is expensive.

The aircrafts for these cargo could be wide-body freighter, narrow body freighter, feeder aircraft and combination carriers and the cargo are dispatched as per the requirements.