Role of freight forwarders in Cargo consolidation

Role of freight forwarders in Cargo consolidation

Role of freight forwarders in Cargo consolidation

Freight forwarders facilitate smooth transport of cargo or consignments by sharing their expertise for the benefit of shippers. They add benefits to the already fruitful cargo consolidation in India by imparting advice to the shipper, booking freight space, executing actions like packaging, warehousing and distribution, insurance services and by assisting in documentation and clearance.

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Benefits of cargo consolidation

Freight forwarders are adept in the nuances of cargo consolidation in Chennai and the country as a whole and minimize overhead costs of the carrier and add profit to both carrier and the shipper. They consolidate freight so that transit time and waiting time is reduced for small loads. Those using lesser than truck load in the consolidation service save money allotted for shipping purposes, add to the firm’s profits while making logistics dispatch more efficient.

Cargo consolidation in India provides immense safety and reduces risks involved thanks to the experienced shipper who handles the cargo safely with fewer transfers. Such consolidation adds to the reliability and punctual delivery thus earning satisfaction of customers. Such impeccable deliveries enhance customer relationships and keep the shipper in demand.

Execution of cargo consolidation in India

Freight forwarders execute punctual and safe delivery of goods in economic or nominal rates so that the price of the goods thus delivered, is affordable and competitive. While working on the costs, the freight forwarder on behalf of the shipper would work on parameters like insurance, inventory, packaging, interest charges, freight costs, delay or damage possibilities and service attributes such as speed and reliability.

Freight forwarders also work on simplifying trade procedures and documentations which save money in transport end of the trade. The freight forwarder extends his expertise to enhance cargo consolidation in Chennai and throughout the country by sharing experience on customer needs, new markets, export strategy and making decision on purchase and sale of goods.

Freight forwarder as a Customs House Agent assists in declaration of correct value and description of goods in statutory documents and coordinates activities of agencies including ports, shipping agents, truck operators, insurance companies and bankers. By cargo consolidation or grouping goods in any freight mode, the forwarder improves use of space in reasonable rates. Small and medium sized shippers save a considerable amount of money by employing such diligence.

The forwarder has come a long way from initially being just an intermediary between the consigner or consignee and the shipper. The freight forwarder may also be an expert is a particular location or specific freight mode in a particular location and may even share marketing strategy of a good in a specified location.

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On a concluding note, freight forwarders must be chosen by shippers based on specialization, since all forwarders do not suit all businesses. Cargo consolidation in India should suit a particular business need in multiple perspectives apart from sharing space in a container. When executed perfectly, logistics could improve the trade’s sales and help maintain customer relations and keep the supply chain reliable and strong. Employing such cutting technology and freight pooling in a smart way promotes not only the trade firm but also the nation involved.


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