Maxcel global logistics private limited services include Safest Storage, most efficient Cross-Docking and very effective maintenance of Stocks. We offer warehouses inside or close to Air and Sea Ports. Industrial/household, Export / Import, Manufacturer's goods-in-process and retail supply things to stock and distribution to our customers with safe mode.

Maxcel global logistics private limited provides its customers with the ability to bond consignment while not paying the whole duty at the time of import. This permits the consignee not to lock up additional funds in the form of duty payment further as saves on inventory prices. The merchandise is often de-bonded as once it's needed by paying duty.

General Storage

  • Closed Storage -For consignment that has already been customs cleared, Maxcel global logistics will give closed cupboard space for merchandise that's sensitive to atmospheric condition.

  • Open Storage -Open storage is additionally on the market for merchandise particularly bulk commodities that aren't sensitive to heat, lightweight and dampness.