What is air cargo consolidation in India-an insight

What is air cargo consolidation in India-an insight

What is air cargo consolidation in India-an insight

Air cargo or air freight refers to goods or different kinds of consignments carried by aircraft from one location to another local or international destination. Air cargo can be classified into two types namely general cargo and special cargo. In the forthcoming lines, we shall analyze what is air cargo consolidation and more about its attributes.

General air cargo includes electronics, jewellery and pharmaceuticals and though air cargo is expensive than sea cargo it is considered an appropriate form of transportation for such goods. Special cargo refers to those goods which are bound by temperature control or special conditions.

What is air cargo consolidation?


Consolidation of several air cargo shipments under a single master way bill is known as air cargo consolidation or air freight consolidation. In such consolidation individual shipments with their own house way bills are booked under a single master way bill. A probe into what is air cargo consolidation in terms of savings unfolds much interesting information. For instance, there are situations where an airline waits for enough goods so that the move is worthwhile.


What is air cargo consolidation advantages?


To solve such challenges one could choose from express, standard, deferred and consol or consolidated flight. In such consolidation, the shipper gets to pay the lowest cost and witnesses advantages in comparison to sea freight. Air freight has flat handling charges whereas ocean freight has extra charges at port and goods move faster towards the destination and in a reliable timeline.


Air cargo import tracking


Global trade is enhanced when fragmented and non-synchronous air cargo import is replaced by reliable and seamless procedures where traders across the globe can participate with full potential. Air cargo import tracking is the process of checking the status of the consignment which is done with the help of air way bill through the airline, freight forwarder, transport operator or GPS device.

Importers and exporters are benefitted from air cargo import tracking which helps them to know the status of their shipment, the location of the container, states that the consignment covered in a day, time that would be required for the container to reach the port and tracking the containers from the warehouse till they reach the port.


A bid for shipping lines across the globe to unanimously embrace a universal protocol for container tracking is essential. It is only through such effectual tracking that data flow gaps, indecisiveness in the supply chain could be well confronted and solutions could be arrived at. After all, what is air cargo consolidation worth if the cargo is not appropriately tracked.


Air export cargo tracking


Air export cargo tracking is essential to stop or control cargo crime trends so that financial loss and brand reputation damage are minimized. Delay in shipping is more than customer dissatisfaction and leads to financial loss well enough to collapse the global trade concept. When the efficiency of shipping and transportation is enhanced it boosts the company’s growth.

The concept of air export cargo tracking has benefits like reduced costs and improved process, increased visibility and better performance, enhanced customer experience and minimized hold-on to name a few. Air cargo consolidation is an essential entity of successful shipping when executed through a reliable and experienced consolidator who handles shipments with unmatched expertise.

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